Order parts from Japan now!

Looking for an affordable way to get parts from japan? We now offer container shipping from Japan!

Find Your Part

-Once you find the item you'd like to purchase fill out the inquiry down below with a link to the item and we will start the process.

- If you need help sourcing an item we can also help with that to an extent.


Using this method to ship items from japan is very cost effective and easy to do with our help.

-We only require maximum bid/purchase amount upfront.

-Once you send an inquiry we will forward you our fee's and shipping costs.

How long will it take?

We do not guarantee ETA's on our containers due to the amount of parts being purchased. A good estimate would be 1-3 months beofre the container arrives in the United States.

Item Arrival

Once the item arrives at our warehouse in Corpus Christi, Texas you have the option to pick up or have it shipped.

-Please be aware that having your item shipped to your address can be expensive, please keep that in mind when sourcing parts.